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Combo of Herbal Chamomile Flower Tea
Combo of Herbal Chamomile Flower Tea by MohanFarm
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Herbal Chamomile Flower Tea Combo Pack

Combo of Herbal Chamomile Flower Tea (25gm)

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Chamomile is a flowering plant that has white petals and a mustard-yellow center that is more like a daisy flower. There are a few types of chamomile and only two varieties are utilized for tea, German chamomile, and Roman Chamomile. Our Chamomile herbal tea is organic and free from any additives or chemicals thereby retaining all the essential nutrients. 


Herbal Chamomile Flower Tea (25gm) is a widespread caffeine-free drink produced from dried chamomile flowers. One of the vastly favored herbals, chamomile tea dates back to early Egypt when it was utilized for therapeutic pursuits. 

This tea is a flavorsome herbal drink created from dried flowers that belongs to the Asteraceae line of dissent. It has numerous health advantages and has been utilized as a raw medication for ages. Our Herbal Chamomile Flower Tea is processed organically without treating it with any harmful chemicals. 

This organic tea can aid you to calm down and doze satisfactorily, boost your immunity, and it’s also an influential antidote for ordinary cough and cold. It holds various health benefits like- 

  • Aids in digestive health- Chamomile is extremely delicate and has also shown assurance in being utilized as a digestive relaxant and to assist in proper digestion.
  • Reduces inflammation- Chamomile buds consist of prosperous quantities of azulene, which is an incendiary oil that can administer as an anti-inflammatory agent. This implies that it may aid in consolidating the ache and inflammation analogous to ailments such as arthritis.
  • Supports immune system- We are all darting for better realistic manners to haggle with the signs of a viral malady like colds or flu. And another advantage of this tea is that it defends your immune system which can allow you to resist disease more accurately. 
  • Keeps your skin healthy- Herbal Chamomile flower tea has styptic traits and is a substantial soother, so make an effort to use it for skin situations like diaper rash, bruises, or sunburn. Chamomile also comprises antioxidants that may assist your skin look youthful!