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Herbal Lemongrass Jasmine Tea (25gm)

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Lemongrass is loaded with excellence of nutrients. In its purest and most realistic arrangement, it is a wealthy source of minerals and vitamins. The  Natural herbal tea from Mohan Farms is unique because it is additive-free and the tea is prepared without dust or aerating and melded with over 100%  Natural elements for sharing a perfect sip of a cup of tea. 


Herbal Lemongrass Jasmine Tea is prosperous in antioxidants which creates a promising-grade detoxification tea that is profitable for weight administration and aids in retaining wholesome metabolism which boosts physical rendition and benefits in enhancing body immunity. It has an extraordinary, exotic, rejuvenating, and floral fragrance of Jasmine and a citrusy flavor of lemongrass with its realistic aromas bringing every tea time exceptional and impressive. It arrives without any artificial flavor or fragrance. 

The lemongrass and jasmine along with the green tea assemble for a scented, unfamiliar, light, smooth decoction that incorporates Jasmine's unconquerable fine aroma with the fresh fragrance of Lemongrass. The  Natural Lemongrass Jasmine Tea delivers a plethora of health advantages and medicinal significance too. 


  • Enhances Metabolism.
  • Helps to Control Diabetes- Lemongrass may be utilized to regulate diabetes and blood sugar.
  • Helps in Weight Loss- Herbal Jasmine Lemongrass Tea may aid to wash out toxins from the liver, digestive tract, and bladder. Putting sugar or honey in your tea can boost the calorie intake, so use the sweeteners sparingly. 
  • Treats Cold and Flu- The elements of jasmine lemongrass green tea might have elevated grades of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant traits that aid to boost the immune system to enable you to battle against the ordinary or seasonal cold and flu.
  • Reduces Stress- Jasmine Lemongrass green tea is learned to ameliorate anxiety, stress and apprehension by causing the discharge of specific chemicals and hormones. It may activate the furlough of serotonin, a hormone that has been related to boosted mood and satisfaction.